Resilience is an essential part of leading energy

Do you want to know how to adapt and manage stressful situations?

Develop your resilience skills – it is an essential part of leading energy. These unusual times require leaders to develop both their own resilience and to implement resilience practices in their team.

Resilience is defined as a way to adapt to stressful situations. It is about flexibility. How and how quickly do we recover, get up after falling? And we do fall every day, our reactivity is triggered in many situations. Strengthening your resilience is something you can learn.

Understanding basics about resilience and becoming aware of your personality style’s strengths and development points in terms of resilience is beneficial. Further, being able to help you team in this respect, is a vital thing for leaders.

The visualisation below is captured from a webinar of the Narrative Enneagram Community. The three key takeaways from that session are the following:
🏋️‍♀️ 1. Resilience is a skill, not a trait. You can practice and develop yourself.
📝. 2. Reflect on what has worked for you earlier. What response did you have last time in a stressful situation and how did you manage to get back on the neutral zone?
🛠. 3. Develop your own toolbox. What works for you and what more do you need?

All these points above are valid on the personal level, but also within a team:
🔵How does your team develop the skill to be adaptive and flexible and how do you create a toolbox from a systemic perspective?
🔵How have you managed together to get back on track earlier when difficulties arose?
🔵How do you recognize these situations?
🔵How do lead and support your team to develop resilience together?

▶️ If know your enneagram profile already and are interested in learning more about the differences and growth points in being resilient, check out this Enneagram 2.0 podcast by Beatrice Chestnut and Urânio Paes – episode #23 “Functional Resilience Across the Enneagram Types”. They talk more about the variety of resilience and how different people manage their reactivity and develop their resilience. Link to this episode.

⏩ If you are curious about your own enneagram profile, contact us and we will help you. Leadership profiles can be ordered here:

We help leaders to create clarity, find focus, and lead energy in a systematic way. Amplifying resilience skills in teams and systems is an essential part of leading energy.

TNE Webinar hosted by Evangeline Welch, guests Jack Killen and Sheryl Cohen PhD

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