Team, Board and Systemic Coaching

Professional Certificate – Growth Journey 2021

Certified coaches must develop their professionalism continuously – and gladly do so!

We have chosen to develop our team coaching skills further as part of our growth journey as coaches. We started the Team, Board and Systemic Coaching programme at Henley Business School last week. During this 9 months’ programme, we will broaden our knowledge with top-class experts.

Many of our customers work in international teams and that’s why we chose this programme. Energy Coaching exists to enhance
expert organisations’ Clarity Focus Energy® ​by coaching leaders and teams.

One reason for the development is also to maintain the certificate from ICF International Coaching Federation. Development is not done only for the sake of certification of course, as the main thing is to offer our clients the best in the field. This applies to other professions as well – you have to polish your diamond all time!

Follow our journey and learn more about the team, board and systemic coaching with us. We will be sharing our insights, reflections and hot tips for leaders interested in this field!

Thank you Prof David ClutterbuckLucy WiddowsonPaul J Barbour, PCC and Andrew Kakabadse for a great start for the programme!

And we have a great group of coaches on this journey!

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