Team Coaching: What areas are being addressed in team coaching?

💎✨ Successful teams have great awareness of their team composition in terms of psychological strengths and challenges. 

The kind of persons we are matters. It is not just about skills and experience that make a great team! 

In team coaching one of the core areas that is being addressed and improved with the support of team coaches is the team’s psychological synergy. Why is that? It is because team members’ personalities influence cooperation, level of clarity, the primary focus, information gathering and sharing, energy, and overall team performance. 

Synergy means an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Creating psychological synergy requires awareness of the team’s psychological tendencies, strengths, and pitfalls. As presented in HBR article, ”Individuals’ personalities play a significant role in determining team performance”. 

We see in our team coaching work how high-performing teams put efforts into this area. They make sure that their team composition plays out the best possible way.  

Teams are complex adaptive systems. In systemic team coaching focus is also on the systemic interactions outside the team, where personalities play a role as well. 

▶️Want to know more about systemic team coaching? We offer systemic team coaching for leadership teams and stakeholder teams and will be happy to discuss what needs you might have!

💡 If you want to explore further and want to know if this is possible even with your key customers or key vendors, check out our Leading Energy podcast’s episode from Season1 #3 Creating True Partnership featuring our guests Mikko RaitioKari Niemi, and Niraj Sood. (This episode was published over a year ago and Vesa Rantala is now leading this partnership)

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