What is your enneagram style?

For leaders, influencers and negotiators
Welcome to explore your enneagram style with us. As a part of your training or coaching, you have been invited to fill in a questionnaire to explore your leadership style. You will receive a personal link to the questionnaire via mail from your coach.
After completing the  questionnaire, please book your discussion time with your coach -> Booking for a Profile Discussion

Key considerations prior to completing the questionnaire

The questionnaire does not measure intelligence, competency or skills. The questionnaire relates to what you do, think and feel in your everyday life. The questionnaire has been developed by Integrative Solutions and it is based on the Enneagram model. Ennea means 9 and gram means a model. The name refers to the nine different personality types in this system. No personality type is better than the other or more suitable to a certain role.
Please answer the questions in the context of your life in general and try not to confine your answers to your work environment only. Consider your actions, thoughts and feelings over time, rather than merely answering what is true in the present, unless a question specifically prompts you about a current situation.
• Please read the on-page prompts carefully
• Be honest with yourself and answer truthfully – there are no right or wrong answers and no one but you will see the answers you give
• Trust your ‘gut’. Response to each question as this is usually the most accurate answer
• Try to complete the questionnaire in one sitting without interruptions
• It should take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete but there is no time limit so take as much time as you need
• IMPORTANT: If you see a statement with two parts in one sentence, for example (xxxx, bbbb), only select ‘true’ if you agree with BOTH parts – if any part of the sentence does not apply answer in the negative
If you experience problems with your connection while completing the questionnaire, re-open the questionnaire link. You will be able to continue from where you left off.

Important information

We, at Energy Coaching Ltd, use personality types in connection with individual, team and group coaching and training. The more one knows about his/her personality type, the better one can utilize one’s strengths, address one’s challenges and enhance both self and social awareness.
We have a solid business background and we are certified business coaches. We use any and all information of our clients ethically, under strictest confidence and for the benefit of the coachee and the client company. As certified ICF coaches, we are bound by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. The information you share with us in individual or group coaching discussions will not be disclosed by us to any third parties.
Further information can be found from our data privacy policy on our website. You have the right to ask us to delete your information from the Integrative Solutions system at any point in time. Should you wish to do so, please send us a request in writing to coaches@energycoaching.fi
By answering to the questionnaire, you give us your consent to process information as described above.


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