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Success requires innovativeness & correct strategic choices, ability to lead oneself and to motivate others. We support clients to find clarity in their strategic choices. We support clients to enhance their ability to lead themselves and motivate others. We support our clients to find clarity on their right type of competences – whether it is new way of leading, selling, influencing or negotiating.

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Leaders need to create clarity, enhance focus and optimize energy to get both results and happiness.

Our systematic Energy Coaching approach support leaders in situations that are important and challenging. For example in strategy implementation and multi-party collaboration. We train leaders to ensure strategic alignment and sustainable leadership.

To whom? For leaders, teams, wider organisations and ecosystems.

In Energy Coaching we apply our Clarity Focus Energy® model and combine professional coaching, consulting, illustrating, self-awareness development, diversity understanding, virtual learning and leader-trainer approach in a unique way. We have the ability to support leaders to shift the energy in organisations which in turn brings results even in demanding situations.

  • For Leaders
    Shift your leadership to a new level. Create clarity, boost focus and optimize energy. Enhance your self-mastery and wanted results through Leader’s Clarity Focus Energy® individual process or through diversity in the Energy Leader Trainer® group program. Ask more about our services.
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  • For Teams
    Ensure your Team’s innovativeness and high-performance. In addition, implement new ways of working and a proactive mindset. Impact throughout the organization with your team members’ enhanced leadership skills and new habits. Ask more about our Energy Leadership Team Coaching program.
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  • For Organisations
    Reach new level of partnership and collaboration with internal stakeholders or customers and vendors. Create clarity, find focus and optimize energy in multi-party context with a systemic approach. Ask for more information about our Collaboration Coaching approach.
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Clarity generates energy, alignment and accountability in teams. We support our clients to optimize their own energy and ensure that the way of talking and acting in their organization enhances innovating, sharing and bringing in wanted results. Afterall everything we do is based on people’s motivations and energy.

Crystallize what your priorities should be and deliver your services even better. You can become more of a team so that team’s strengths and capabilities are in good use. Find new ways to lead the rest of the organization through these times of change. We support our clients to find efficient ways to involve others for more innovativeness and learning.

Enhance your collaboration with clients and with other key stakeholders. We support our clients to identify and boost your organisation’s growth skills, like leadership, sales, coaching, influencing and negotiating skills. Together we ensure that your key strategic choices will happen in reality and managers will stay motivated and energized.

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clarity, focus and energy in to my managerial work.
Slide Energy Leader Trainer®  -program enabled us to
strengthen our goal oriented energy
Slide Energy Leader Trainer® -program has been outstanding
opportunity to grow as a leader
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