Relational Energy and Research Insights

Leading energy is one of the core skills for leaders. Research supports this from various angles and in this episode, you will learn more about relation energy from a leader’s perspective backed up by research. Why is it beneficial to lead energy and create good, anabolic energy in organizations? What kind of energy are you fostering in teams as a leader? What should leaders know about relational energy and how to foster good relational energy at work?

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Nico Rose – a German Professor, human resources executive, and keynote speaker. Nico Rose is a psychologist and holds a doctoral degree in business administration. In his main occupation, as of 2019, Nico is a full professor of organisational psychology at International School of Management (ISM), Dortmund, one of Germany´s premier Business Schools.

Welcome to learn new insights for leading energy!

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