The Secret to Successful Negotiations

What makes the biggest impact on successful negotiations? How to improve as a negotiator?

In this episode, we discuss how important it is that you know yourself as a negotiator. Join us and learn more about different types of negotiators.

Our guest in this episode is Martin Salzwedel – a senior executive consultant for example in sales and negotiation. Martin works with international leaders on executive and organizational development across the globe. He is the founder of Communications Consulting International and as a senior consultant for the Boston Business School and the St. Gallen Group. He is an author of Authentic Leadership and a certified Enneagram Trainer. As a composer and musician, he creates synergies between music and leadership training.

It is vital to understand the importance of negotiation mindset & paradigm and the impact of good preparation. In addition, successful negotiators know their strengths and typical pitfalls. Have a sneak peek at different personalities as negotiators and find out what your negotiator profile is!


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